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Cool song, cool video, M.I.A. does the hook. Bulve is itching to travel. India? Africa? Not sure yet. Hoping to make a decision soon. Advertisements

I’m posting this because this week’s new music videos have been pretty uninspiring. I’m also posting this because sometimes it feels nice embrace a not so distant past . NOT. OK, I just fired myself.

Interesting new video by Patrick Daughters…

Yes.  Apathy.  Indifference.  Detachment.  Good stuff, I suppose.

Sigh… How I yearn for the good ole days.  Obrigado to Manuel de Seixas Correa for the tip. Note the awesome horse riding outfit.  So sexy.  Egadddd…. Great.  Now I have to change my underwear. 

This is pretty rad. Enjoy: Also, some trivia: the scene in the beginning of the video with the Wendy’s and the Liquor Store was shot right by my old apartment. Apparently that part of Los Angeles looked EXACLY the same in the 70’s (the Wendy’s, the liquor store, and the strip mall are all still […]

Egad. This is really weird and uncomfortable to watch. Oh well. Happy Friday and enjoy: (From the Daily Swarm)