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This is yet another ridiculously awesome scandal from New Jersey – and I can’t get enough of Jon Stewart’s take on it. Ahhh – perhaps I will pay a visit to the Garden State one of these days.  Or I will just have a homeless man shit in my mouth.  Not sure which option sounds […]

I’m already a huge fan of the Daily Show, so when I found out that Jason Jones was going to be covering the Iranian election in Iran, I was pretty damn excited. After all, I , like so many young people watch TDS to get my news. So go Daily Show! You’re finally sending your […]

This was almost emotional to watch. At the beginning of the broadcast, I was afraid that Stewart was going to backpedal and end up rubbing Cramer’s cock – a nauseating fear I had from having seen other, much anticipated political feuds ending up in a giant circle jerk. BUT STEWART STOOD HIS GROUND. Jon’s stance […]

This is probably one of the best showdowns in basic cable history (funny, I never thought I would write that. Ever). Can’t wait till Thursday for that douche Cramer to go on TDS and get regulated (much like the the greedy businessmen he helped promote). Go Stewart!