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It’s that time to rev those 2012 presidential campaign engines.  Here’s the first one I really like from Obama’s camp: Obama is someone I can truly trust to make right decision and to lead this country.  He has the smarts, the integrity, and the will to lead us into the right direction.  This election will […]

Happy Monday, everyone.  Here are some lovely Greenpeace ads coming from Copenhagen this weekend. If Biff from Back to the Future II and Obama had sex and bore a son with the Benjamin Button condition: And this one is supposedly Nicolas Sarkozy, after Carla Bruni has had her fun:

So Fox and friends are trying to brew up another irrelevant shitstorm in order to excite and rally their dumb viewers. Shitstorm du jour?  Obama’s bow to the Japanese Emperor.  I have no idea how they can fill up so much time talking about such nonsense and what I really don’t understand is how people […]

So this is definitely the right first step to take in improving our image in the Muslim world. Now I just hope that his policies follow his words…

Stand on the Word So I’ve been listening to this song about 5 times a day and thinking about Obama’s inauguration. Very excited for a new chapter in global politics – and I think we’re starting it off just right!