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OK, but seriously, that was the Best. Bottom of the 9th. Ever. And seeing it at the Dodger stadium last night was absolutely amazing.  GO BLUE!!!!!!!! “Loudest I’ve ever heard Dodger Stadium,” center fielder Matt Kemp said with a giggle when it was over.

I Heart LA. GALLERY 1988 on Melrose is having an exhibit where 100 Artists pay a tribute to classic cult films. Fun, interesting, and affordable art.  Here are a few examples:



It’s almost 2 on a Sunday night and I still can’t sleep. So I had to start researching a bunch nonsense on the internet. Per usual, nothing good came out of it. OK, maybe a few points of interest – I’m pretty sure my college roommate has fled the country after running a real estate […]

Yes, I do heart LA. Thank you, Clark Vogeler.

I need to try this place out soon:

So apparently THIS is the new thing to do in LALA land.  Looks ridiculously delicious.  Will have to report back on Sunday morning (hopefully without consuming any Pepto Bismol the night before).