I don’t really have much to say today.

But I wanted to share this photo with you.

Taken by my lovely friend Barham.

Who shares the love of this city with me.

Even in traffic, in the rain.


Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I am very happy to announce a new section of this blog – “Influential Stuff.”

On my way home from the grocery store last night I heard a song on the radio I knew all the lyrics too.  This was somewhat of a surprise because a I haven’t heard this song in about about 18 years and I didn’t remember it well musically.  I was also surprised at how awesomely dirty the lyrics were.  So absurd to think of a petite blonde immigrant girl and her friends from ESL singing “it ain’t nothing but meat on a bone, you can stroke it, or choke it, or leave it alone.”  I don’t think we had any idea of what the lyrics meant at the time.  Here are some other lyrics:

If you want it then I’ve got it
If you need it, baby, I’ll feed it
If you love it, come and rub it
‘Cause there’s something
I should let you know, oh

You got a brother like me the gangster D
I got a nice piece of meat that’ll fit you to the tee
So come with me and I’ll let you see
Soon as you pull down your panties and…

I love me some hoe’s, you know I got these young girls
Aiming for this fishing pole

When I stick it to you, girl, you’ll be happy
I’m gonna work it to a sweat, fly you a nappy

I’ll make you flip, have a fit
While I make you moan and kick
Lookie here, trick, now I’m holding JYB
But you don’t need teeth, all you need is strong knees

It ain’t nothing but meat on a bone
You can stroke it or choke it or leave it alone

Ain’t nothing wrong with group sessions
Yeah, baby, you know, sexing

Not much subtlety here!

Happy Monday, everyone.  Here are some lovely Greenpeace ads coming from Copenhagen this weekend.

If Biff from Back to the Future II and Obama had sex and bore a son with the Benjamin Button condition:

And this one is supposedly Nicolas Sarkozy, after Carla Bruni has had her fun:

So Fox and friends are trying to brew up another irrelevant shitstorm in order to excite and rally their dumb viewers.

Shitstorm du jour?  Obama’s bow to the Japanese Emperor.  I have no idea how they can fill up so much time talking about such nonsense and what I really don’t understand is how people can listen to this bullshit day in day out.

According to a US Government official, Obama was left speechless by this debate/controversy, which brings me to articulate something I’ve been thinking about for the past year that he’s been in office.  I am embarrassed that one of the greatest American presidents has to put up with such stupidity and govern some of the dumbest people we’ve seen .  Every time I see another toothless hillbilly get up and yell about the death panels, forged birth certificates, communistic aspirations, etc, I cringe and want to hide because I am so embarrassed by the ignorance and stupidity coming out of some Americans.  Obama deserves better.

I am talking to you, Andrew Sullivan, to you Newsweek, to you HuffingtonPost – your obsession-du-jour has reached epic proportions, rendering your publications more polarizing and irrelevant.   And Andrew Sullivan – you’re defending that douchebag Levi Johnston?   Really?  Why?  That guy is a a redneck, scumbag opportunist – and you know that!  Idiots like Limbaugh, Palin, Beck , Johnston want scream nonsense and get your attention (and guess what, they have!), taking your precious time and energy away from more important issues at hand.

Ladies and gentleman, behold 2 of the 35 Most Awesome Science Fair projects:



enhanced-buzz-17218-1257786435-6I still can’t figure out the exact reason why these little failures make my “too much alcohol causes serious depression” frown turn upside down.  Fucking whiskey.  Way too much whiskey last night.  When am I going to learn that Bourbon won’t snuggle with me at night or have breakfast and read the Times and in bed with on Sunday morning?  When will I learn to leave that fucking whore?

There is so much of the world to see and to explore in music, art, food, dance!  Hope you enjoy this delicious video to an amazing song: