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This is just plain gross.  Click HERE to read the full story.  I think his wife needs to go out and see that shitfuckvomit of a movie to understand that maybe her husband just stopped trying. Advertisements

What the hell is wrong with people? I’ve had it. I’m done.

And whatever that is – I want it. There’s some speculation that this whole thing is for Casey Affleck’s new movie – which would make sense since Joaquin is a method actor. Either way – I would still totally have sex with him.

So they decided to rent out the office next to mine to a casting director.  During this last month, I’ve been busy showing the very attractive and the very confused looking boys and girls to the casting office. “No – this is not the casting office.  Would you like me to show you where it […]

Is this the cutest thing you’ve seen all day?  Perhaps.   Maybe I’ll start playing the ukulele so my boyfriend finds me irresistibly cute at all times.  If that doesn’t do the trick, I’ll start wearing bear costumes.  And then maybe start growling – first at him, then at anyone that comes near.  Maybe then […]

Sigh… How I yearn for the good ole days.  Obrigado to Manuel de Seixas Correa for the tip. Note the awesome horse riding outfit.  So sexy.  Egadddd…. Great.  Now I have to change my underwear. 

This is pretty rad. Enjoy: Also, some trivia: the scene in the beginning of the video with the Wendy’s and the Liquor Store was shot right by my old apartment. Apparently that part of Los Angeles looked EXACLY the same in the 70’s (the Wendy’s, the liquor store, and the strip mall are all still […]