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All politicians are slimy to some extent – but some clearly have the slime advantage to others? The two that immediately come to mind are Herman Cain and John Edwards.  Herman Cainn on the one hand is ridden with sexual harassment scandals and clownish rhetoric. John Edwards on the other is an all encompassing slime […]

OK, so this stupid lil’ meme makes me happy.  Here’s more : Enjoy!

I don’t really have much to say today. But I wanted to share this photo with you. Taken by my lovely friend Barham. Who shares the love of this city with me. Even in traffic, in the rain.

Happy Monday, everyone.  Here are some lovely Greenpeace ads coming from Copenhagen this weekend. If Biff from Back to the Future II and Obama had sex and bore a son with the Benjamin Button condition: And this one is supposedly Nicolas Sarkozy, after Carla Bruni has had her fun:

I am talking to you, Andrew Sullivan, to you Newsweek, to you HuffingtonPost – your obsession-du-jour has reached epic proportions, rendering your publications more polarizing and irrelevant.   And Andrew Sullivan – you’re defending that douchebag Levi Johnston?   Really?  Why?  That guy is a a redneck, scumbag opportunist – and you know that!  Idiots like […]

I love New York City yet I wonder if the city would be better if it were humanless.  Well,  most living things would be better off without humans.  I suppose that makes me a self-loathing human.  I think I’m alright with that. Also, here’s a corresponding youtube video, promoting National Geographic’s September edition.  I apologize […]

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