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There is so much of the world to see and to explore in music, art, food, dance!  Hope you enjoy this delicious video to an amazing song:

Where have I been?  Mostly working on my show, which has gotten good momentum.  We cast the motherfucker!  Yeaaaaaaa!!!  I’ve also been busy socially – hanging out with great people in my life.  It’s amazing how things can turn around so quickly – is it this city or is it just me?  I’m not sure, […]

Awesome video and Spike Jonze?  You rock my socks off.  

Such serious awesomeness – this band is the real deal.  Don’t have an MP3 to listen to just yet (need to go to Amoeba right away) but here’s a video from The Youtube: I also didn’t mind their crazy happy hippieness on stage.  Although Alex (the lead singer) getting uncomfortably close with some of the […]

THE DAILY BEAST came up with this neat-o list of the Muses Behind the Music CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE LIST I think I like this one the best: Pattie Boyd – The Woman who Inspired Layla, Something, Wonderful Tonight Image: AFP / Getty Images; Graham Wiltshire, Redferns / Getty Images “The clear frontrunner among […]

I seriously can’t stop laughing, watching this.  Best mashup of the month.

Bulve has been back in the bay area, hiking amidst the beautiful Redwoods and the Sequoias.  Hopefully not all of the Los Angeles forest has burned down so there will still be some wood-like hiking left in Southern California. Damn fires.  But it’s all natural, right?  Well, sort of… FROM 60 MINUTES: “It was 20 […]