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Awesome video and Spike Jonze?  You rock my socks off.   Advertisements

Perfected Destruction Porn This latest gem comes to us from Sony: I understand that movies with actual story lines aren’t really in vogue at the moment, but must you, fucking studio, bombard us with constant reminders about the sad state of affairs of the movie industry?  The destruction porn has been perfected to a tee […]

I think this has got to be one of the best trailers I’ve seen in a while. I am so glad that Miramax is not dumping this film the way Fox dumped IDIOCRACY (granted, the movie had some serious flaws, but still genius). Oh, and Mike Judge is a ridiculously awesome and I would really […]

I’m already a huge fan of the Daily Show, so when I found out that Jason Jones was going to be covering the Iranian election in Iran, I was pretty damn excited. After all, I , like so many young people watch TDS to get my news. So go Daily Show! You’re finally sending your […]



My hatred for twatter is so strong that I’m begun to contemplate killing Biz and some of his twatter youth. And this recent development has pushed me in that direction even more – “The San Francisco-based web phenom has partnered with Reveille and Brillstein Entertainment to develop an unscripted TV skein described as “putting ordinary […]

So I saw this movie the other day and I gots to say – it’s pretty damn funny.  Hopefully it’ll get some sort of a publicized release so people outside the movie business will get a chance to see it.  So sad that our theaters are saturated with BLARTS and CHIHUAHAS, all the while better, […]

So shit’s been wickiddy whickity wacked lately.  I mean, good wacked, but wacked.   Life lately has been reminding me of this best. intro song. ever.