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I didn’t love JUNKY all that much, but hey – it’s still an interesting story and a part of the American experience.  And below is a link to some of the more interesting Burroughs’ covers.  Some foreign ones in there too.

And make love to me right by the fire. Like now. But seriously, this newly renovated hotel looks awesome. And here’s a link to more:

Where have I been?  Mostly working on my show, which has gotten good momentum.  We cast the motherfucker!  Yeaaaaaaa!!!  I’ve also been busy socially – hanging out with great people in my life.  It’s amazing how things can turn around so quickly – is it this city or is it just me?  I’m not sure, […]

UPDATE –  Apparently this was a hoax. What bullshit.  Thank you, Andrew for letting me know. Now I’m gonna go start some shit – maybe go out in the living room and slap my roommate around for a bit.  I mean, with the Rape Tunnel gone, what else am I supposed to do with myself? […]

Happy Monday, everyone.  I never thought I would say this, but Dead Fly Art has brought a big smile to my face today.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE GALLERY YIPPEEEEE!

Ahh – Happy Tuesday everyone and thank you, H for your contribution to Littlepurpose.  So here’s a newly designed Placenta Teddy Bear by Alex Green.  Displayed at the DOING IT FOR KIDS exhibition, this little gem is bound to leave some permanently scarred.  Ahhh – gotta love the Brits.  Cheerio!