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And the star of the campaign – Hitler!  Doing it doggy style.  With a girl who seems to be loving the reichian pounding. But seriously though – what the fuck is this?  Bad photoshop work? Check.  Tasteless?  Check.  Ineffective? I lean towards another check.

Wow – holy crap.  Happy Monday. And guess what goes great with pork sausage?  BULVE!  Yea!  Wooohoooo!  It all comes full circle now. I’m gushing with joy. 😀

This is why I love large Perrier bottles. mmmmmmm. Anyway… Where was I? And yes – THIS SPEC SPRITE AD from yesterday was ripped off from the phallic vintage awesomeness seen below:

I love irony yet I can’t define it.  Hmm – I guess there’s a word for that, but I can’t think of what that word is. The Consumerist did a pretty funny “Ironic Posters that make you cringe” list that includes slogans like “MOST DOCTORS SMOKE CAMELS” and “WHEN LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, YOU USE […]

I’m not sure I really “get” this, but I like it nonetheless. Ad by Alan Kwon at RTC.

I’m becoming a huge fan of bad infomercials. You’ve seen the Snuggie and ShamWow, I am sure – but have you seen this?

Awesome Logos


Here’s a little preview. More found here: Well, at least this person is giving the child guidance – however sweet or bitter that guidance might be… Insert oral hygiene pun here.