If You Want It by 2nd II None – Influential Stuff


Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I am very happy to announce a new section of this blog – “Influential Stuff.”

On my way home from the grocery store last night I heard a song on the radio I knew all the lyrics too.  This was somewhat of a surprise because a I haven’t heard this song in about about 18 years and I didn’t remember it well musically.  I was also surprised at how awesomely dirty the lyrics were.  So absurd to think of a petite blonde immigrant girl and her friends from ESL singing “it ain’t nothing but meat on a bone, you can stroke it, or choke it, or leave it alone.”  I don’t think we had any idea of what the lyrics meant at the time.  Here are some other lyrics:

If you want it then I’ve got it
If you need it, baby, I’ll feed it
If you love it, come and rub it
‘Cause there’s something
I should let you know, oh

You got a brother like me the gangster D
I got a nice piece of meat that’ll fit you to the tee
So come with me and I’ll let you see
Soon as you pull down your panties and…

I love me some hoe’s, you know I got these young girls
Aiming for this fishing pole

When I stick it to you, girl, you’ll be happy
I’m gonna work it to a sweat, fly you a nappy

I’ll make you flip, have a fit
While I make you moan and kick
Lookie here, trick, now I’m holding JYB
But you don’t need teeth, all you need is strong knees

It ain’t nothing but meat on a bone
You can stroke it or choke it or leave it alone

Ain’t nothing wrong with group sessions
Yeah, baby, you know, sexing

Not much subtlety here!

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