35 Best Science Fair Projects – from Buzzfeed


Ladies and gentleman, behold 2 of the 35 Most Awesome Science Fair projects:



enhanced-buzz-17218-1257786435-6I still can’t figure out the exact reason why these little failures make my “too much alcohol causes serious depression” frown turn upside down.  Fucking whiskey.  Way too much whiskey last night.  When am I going to learn that Bourbon won’t snuggle with me at night or have breakfast and read the Times and in bed with on Sunday morning?  When will I learn to leave that fucking whore?


One Response to “35 Best Science Fair Projects – from Buzzfeed”

  1. “Is Ham Tasty – Hellz Yeah”

    lol! I have been a judge at a few science fairs, and while there is no way I could give that kid a good grade, he wouldn’t get a failing one either.

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