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So Fox and friends are trying to brew up another irrelevant shitstorm in order to excite and rally their dumb viewers. Shitstorm du jour?  Obama’s bow to the Japanese Emperor.  I have no idea how they can fill up so much time talking about such nonsense and what I really don’t understand is how people […]

I am talking to you, Andrew Sullivan, to you Newsweek, to you HuffingtonPost – your obsession-du-jour has reached epic proportions, rendering your publications more polarizing and irrelevant.   And Andrew Sullivan – you’re defending that douchebag Levi Johnston?   Really?  Why?  That guy is a a redneck, scumbag opportunist – and you know that!  Idiots like […]

Ladies and gentleman, behold 2 of the 35 Most Awesome Science Fair projects: CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE LIST I still can’t figure out the exact reason why these little failures make my “too much alcohol causes serious depression” frown turn upside down.  Fucking whiskey.  Way too much whiskey last night.  When am I going […]

There is so much of the world to see and to explore in music, art, food, dance!  Hope you enjoy this delicious video to an amazing song:

Where have I been?  Mostly working on my show, which has gotten good momentum.  We cast the motherfucker!  Yeaaaaaaa!!!  I’ve also been busy socially – hanging out with great people in my life.  It’s amazing how things can turn around so quickly – is it this city or is it just me?  I’m not sure, […]