THE RAPE TUNNEL by Richard Whitehurst – “ART” post of the day


UPDATE –  Apparently this was a hoax. What bullshit.  Thank you, Andrew for letting me know.

Now I’m gonna go start some shit – maybe go out in the living room and slap my roommate around for a bit.  I mean, with the Rape Tunnel gone, what else am I supposed to do with myself?

Ahh – Happy Friday, everyone.  An unnamed Phillies fan (booo) sent me a link to this.

THE RAPE TUNNEL By Sheila Zareno

“The artist plans to place himself in a room, the only entrance or exit being a 22 ft long plywood tunnel constructed by Whitehurst himself. Then he says that for the duration of the gallery’s opening (from 7:00 p.m. to midnight) he will rape anyone who travels through the tunnel into that room.”


1 I enjoy modern art and light S & M as much as the next girl, but I’m afraid this could be taking things just a tid bit too far.  The interview with this artist is a must-read.  Here is an excerpt:

“Why Rape?

I had my first breakthrough with an installation that was to be the prototype for this current one. It was called THE PUNCH-YOU-IN-THE-FACE TUNNEL. It was the same set-up as THE RAPE TUNNEL except at the end of the tunnel I’d punch the subject in the face instead of raping him or her. The impetus was completely reactionary to the current state of art, and motivated by pure frustration.” “Rape seemed like the next logical step.”

Look, first you start building tunnels to punch people in face then you build the tunnels to rape – it’s a slippery slope – been there, done that!  Just like this one time, I ate this carrot cake cupcake, because, you know, I was frustrated.  Then I started eating a bunch of carrot cake cupcakes, and gained 30 extra pounds.  Then I took a hammer and killed the baker who made those delicious cupcakes because I so frustrated with the weight I put on.  Why?  Because murder seemed like the next logical step.

2 Responses to “THE RAPE TUNNEL by Richard Whitehurst – “ART” post of the day”

  1. 1 Andrew

    This guys has truly lost all sense of perspective. His actual response to a “murder tunnel” being the next logical step is: “No. That would be too much like repeating myself.”

  2. 2 Andrew

    Oh… it’s a hoax meant to spark conversation — apparently. I guess that’s better than it being real.

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