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Awesome video and Spike Jonze?  You rock my socks off.   Advertisements

I love the Onion and I don’t have much to say today, so I hope you enjoy this video!  

UPDATE –  Apparently this was a hoax. What bullshit.  Thank you, Andrew for letting me know. Now I’m gonna go start some shit – maybe go out in the living room and slap my roommate around for a bit.  I mean, with the Rape Tunnel gone, what else am I supposed to do with myself? […]

Such serious awesomeness – this band is the real deal.  Don’t have an MP3 to listen to just yet (need to go to Amoeba right away) but here’s a video from The Youtube: I also didn’t mind their crazy happy hippieness on stage.  Although Alex (the lead singer) getting uncomfortably close with some of the […]

Happy Monday, everyone.  I never thought I would say this, but Dead Fly Art has brought a big smile to my face today.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE GALLERY YIPPEEEEE!

OK, but seriously, that was the Best. Bottom of the 9th. Ever. And seeing it at the Dodger stadium last night was absolutely amazing.  GO BLUE!!!!!!!! “Loudest I’ve ever heard Dodger Stadium,” center fielder Matt Kemp said with a giggle when it was over.

Ahh – Happy Tuesday everyone and thank you, H for your contribution to Littlepurpose.  So here’s a newly designed Placenta Teddy Bear by Alex Green.  Displayed at the DOING IT FOR KIDS exhibition, this little gem is bound to leave some permanently scarred.  Ahhh – gotta love the Brits.  Cheerio!