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THE DAILY BEAST came up with this neat-o list of the Muses Behind the Music CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE LIST I think I like this one the best: Pattie Boyd – The Woman who Inspired Layla, Something, Wonderful Tonight Image: AFP / Getty Images; Graham Wiltshire, Redferns / Getty Images “The clear frontrunner among […]

Is this fucking real?  This guy is the biggest douchenozzle I’ve seen.  I mean good god – he makes Bill O’Reilly seem like a rational, level headed person.    I’ve always considered myself a centrist, but lately, it seems like the extreme right (Palin and friends) has made me want to run away as far from […]

Bulve is back.  And by golly I love the Onion – certainly the video of the month.

I seriously can’t stop laughing, watching this.  Best mashup of the month.

Bulve has been back in the bay area, hiking amidst the beautiful Redwoods and the Sequoias.  Hopefully not all of the Los Angeles forest has burned down so there will still be some wood-like hiking left in Southern California. Damn fires.  But it’s all natural, right?  Well, sort of… FROM 60 MINUTES: “It was 20 […]

Ugh – this is just so sick.  Yet I sometimes wonder how it doesn’t happen more often.  Definitely feels like a real life scene from SIN NOMBRE.  So sad… By Alex Renderos and Tracy Wilkinson, Tribune Newspapers SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — – The day before he was killed this week, Christian Poveda, veteran photojournalist […]

And the star of the campaign – Hitler!  Doing it doggy style.  With a girl who seems to be loving the reichian pounding. But seriously though – what the fuck is this?  Bad photoshop work? Check.  Tasteless?  Check.  Ineffective? I lean towards another check.