Kim Jong-Il releases the American journalists – and the cost is…….?


I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days and while I am overjoyed that the women are back home with their families, I am also a little uneasy because EVERYTHING has a cost. So what exactly does Bill Clinton’s direct engagement with Kim Jong-Il mean for America’s strategic positioning with North Korea?

Well, there have been a few positions floating around.

John Bolton, a neocon fuckhead who wants to Israel to bomb Iran,  writes his opinion in the Washington Post:

“The reporters’ arrest, show trial and subsequent imprisonment (twelve years hard labor) was hostage taking, essentially an act of state terrorism. So the Clinton trip is a significant propaganda victory for North Korea, whether or not he carried an official message from President Obama. Despite decades of bipartisan U.S. rhetoric about not negotiating with terrorists for the release of hostages, it seems that the Obama administration not only chose to negotiate, but to send a former president to do so.”

“While the United States is properly concerned whenever its citizens are abused or held hostage, efforts to protect them should not create potentially greater risks for other Americans in the future.”

The liberal pundits have been seeing the bright/idealistic side of things and have said that this release could mean an improvement of the diplomatic atmosphere in talks to end Kim’s nuclear program.  Bill Clinton and Manbearpig are once again heroes.


Well, here is my take – we don’t have to agree with John Douche Bolton and say that these two women weren’t worthy enough to engage in direct talks with a terrorist state, however – we must recognize that this release has come with a cost of giving in to one of Kim’s mercurial temper tantrums and therefore affecting our strategic positioning with a rogue state.

So let’s recognize the awesomeness that we have the two women back and come to terms with the fact that this release has come at a cost that we aren’t fully aware of yet.


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