Placenta Eating Article of the Day – or P.E.A.D.


Afterbirth: It’s What’s For Dinner

By Joel Stein

So I usually wouldn’t be so fascinated and laughing out loud (that’s right, that would be LOL) while reading articles about placenta cooking and eating, but I have to say, Joel Stein’s article in this week’s TIME is interesting and pretty damn haa-larious.  Here are some excerpts:



“Though I am exceedingly squeamish, when my son was born, I was shocked that I saw only the beauty of childbirth. Until the placenta came out. There are many normal human reactions to seeing a placenta, ranging from screaming to vomiting to warding it off with a cross. For those of you who have never seen one, the placenta is to the baby what Stephen Baldwin is to Alec Baldwin. It’s what your liver would look like if it got into an accident on the autobahn with one of those aliens from Mars Attacks! and their bloody carcasses threw jellyfish at each other.”

“The next day I drove back to the house to meet the placenta lady, Sara Pereira. To my surprise, Sara did not look unkempt, frumpy, heavy or in any way like a Wiccan.”

“By law, Sara has to cook the placenta at the placenta owner’s home. But to my great relief, she brought her own equipment, gloves, sponges and even more detergent than I’d hoped, scrubbing constantly as she worked. If I ever kill a man in my own home, I am totally calling the placenta lady.”


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