Mean people suck



Note: please tune in regularly for more hilariously poignant catch phrases from the 90’s.

While perusing through Yahoo’s most emailed photos this morning, a mugshot of a middle aged woman caught my eye.   I clicked on the picture, thinking it’s going to be a  suspect of some bizarre crime or whatever else kind of nonsense that usually makes the news.  But it wasn’t – it was your usual, run of the mill celebrity D.U.I. arrest.  Then I started thinking – why is this picture circulated?  I didn’t see it as a headline for any celebrity news links -so why is this picture the most popular picture of the day?

My guess is this: Janet is no longer the hot and sexy sitcom star – she’s a naturally aging 50 year old woman.  So now everyone is looking, judging, and shaking their heads because the woman who made a big mistake is not hot anymore.  Yuck.


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