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This is yet another ridiculously awesome scandal from New Jersey – and I can’t get enough of Jon Stewart’s take on it. Ahhh – perhaps I will pay a visit to the Garden State one of these days.  Or I will just have a homeless man shit in my mouth.  Not sure which option sounds […]

This is why I love large Perrier bottles. mmmmmmm. Anyway… Where was I? And yes – THIS SPEC SPRITE AD from yesterday was ripped off from the phallic vintage awesomeness seen below:

Calif. tax officials: Legal pot would bring $1.4B From AP: “SAN FRANCISCO — A bill to tax and regulate marijuana in California like alcohol would generate nearly $1.4 billion in revenue for the cash-strapped state, according to an official analysis released Wednesday by tax officials.” 1.4 Billion in revenue? (Eyes go wide, I spitspray out […]

I love irony yet I can’t define it.  Hmm – I guess there’s a word for that, but I can’t think of what that word is. The Consumerist did a pretty funny “Ironic Posters that make you cringe” list that includes slogans like “MOST DOCTORS SMOKE CAMELS” and “WHEN LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, YOU USE […]

Afterbirth: It’s What’s For Dinner By Joel Stein So I usually wouldn’t be so fascinated and laughing out loud (that’s right, that would be LOL) while reading articles about placenta cooking and eating, but I have to say, Joel Stein’s article in this week’s TIME is interesting and pretty damn haa-larious.  Here are some excerpts: […]

Note: please tune in regularly for more hilariously poignant catch phrases from the 90’s. While perusing through Yahoo’s most emailed photos this morning, a mugshot of a middle aged woman caught my eye.   I clicked on the picture, thinking it’s going to be a  suspect of some bizarre crime or whatever else kind of […]