Daily Show’s Jason Jones reporting from Iran – how thoroughly disappointing


I’m already a huge fan of the Daily Show, so when I found out that Jason Jones was going to be covering the Iranian election in Iran, I was pretty damn excited. After all, I , like so many young people watch TDS to get my news. So go Daily Show! You’re finally sending your reporters abroad to bring us something that we love you for – relevant news served with a comedic twist. Well, or that’s what I was hoping for.

Jason’s first segment, from the Iranian assembly where Ahmedinejad was speaking, was entertaining and pretty ballsy. The guy was reporting from a roomfull of religious zealots and political extremists – AND he was quietly having a laugh about it. Well done. Brought us in, gave us perspective, made us laugh.

AE.ZONTV21P2Then the election “results” came in and all havoc in Iran broke loose. Frustrated by CNN, MSNBC, and other impotent news channels, I had to switch ENTIRELY to blogs – primarily to Andrew Sullivan.

But I was waiting to turn the TV back on and to tune into what the Daily Show’s reporter had to say. I thought that this was TDS’s moment to shine – to be something beyond the awesomeness that it already is. More exactly, to bring us something more from Iran – something we weren’t able to get from other news channels.

Instead, Jason continued the tried and true “this is a satire show” format on everyone he interviewed in Iran. Considering the deadly circumstances and considering that the people that he interviewed have now been put in jail (and they knew this when they were putting the piece together!), I found it not only unfunny – I found it distasteful. This is an extraordinary time in Iran and I think it’s sad and wasteful that he interviewed prominent Iranian people using the same “ironic” methods that he would normally use on any politician in the states. The segment where he interviewed the moderate cleric (who was later arrested) felt that it had as much gravitas as Sam Bee’s silly “Guidos from Long Island” interview. What the fuck.

Many young people go to The Daily Show to get their news and Jason Jones’ interviews have failed to inform us, give us perspective, or make us laugh. How thoroughly disappointing.


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