Why is the mainstream media doing such an awful job covering the Iranian election?


As much as I wanted to write about the Laker victory this evening, I couldn’t because I was too saddened, baffled, and disgusted by mainstream media’s (CNN, NYT) coverage of the events post fraudulent Iranian election. If I did nothing else but watch CNN and other news channels for the election coverage, I would think that there was a minor clash between the victors and the losers – maybe something even similar to the Gore vs. Bush election in 2000. WHAT BULLSHIT! Grow a pair, mainstream media! There’s a revolution going on over there – by many accounts there’s been nothing like it since 1979. Moussavi is under communication arrest, the government has pretty much shut down the foreign press, and violence has escalated. So come on, mainstream news! Start doing your jobs!

The more genuine stories and videos have been breaking through news blogs. It’s so heartbreaking that you have to be young and super connected to be on top of the real news. Some lame reporter on CNN reading selected tweets really doesn’t do this justice. Again, big fat FAIL.


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