More reasons to hate Twatter – the spread of the Swine Flu panic


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably know how much I hate Twatter (aka Twitter). So it’s no surprise that the annoying times of the swine flu hysteria were not only generated by the mass media but also helped brilliant minds who use TWATTER (not to mention a lot of other dumb people). Here’s a great opinion piece from today’s NPR called Swine Flu: Twitter’s Power To Misinform (the title alone is music to my ears). Here are some excerpts:

APTOPIX Mexico Swine Flu“despite all the recent Twitter-enthusiasm about this platform’s unique power to alert millions of people in decentralized and previously unavailable ways, there are quite a few reasons to be concerned about Twitter’s role in facilitating an unnecessary global panic about swine flu.”

“in the context of a global pandemic — where media networks are doing their best to spice up an already serious threat — having millions of people wrap up all their fears into 140 characters and blurt them out in the public might have some dangerous consequences, networked panic being one of them.”


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