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I wonder if any mice were hurt in this production… Probably. Advertisements

I can’t believe I’m beginning to get a collection of tags on Ted Haggard. Who knew? Amen, Brother by Paul Rudnick April 27, 2009 What my therapist says is that I am a heterosexual with issues. —Ted Haggard. Thank you, Ted, and God bless you, Ted’s therapist. My name is Stan Belker, and I’m the […]

Aaaight, so this is from FUTURISTICALLY SPEAKING album, a follow up to KRYPTONYTE PUSSY LP (which happens to be the Best. Album Name. Ever.) More pussy power here – enjoy:

Yes, I do heart LA. Thank you, Clark Vogeler.

Their Circular Life is a beautiful Flash tech art project worth checking out. Be patient with the load time and gracias to Adam B. for the tip.