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Egad. This is really weird and uncomfortable to watch. Oh well. Happy Friday and enjoy: (From the Daily Swarm) Advertisements

So apparently THIS is the new thing to do in LALA land.  Looks ridiculously delicious.  Will have to report back on Sunday morning (hopefully without consuming any Pepto Bismol the night before).

8PM on HBO tonight.  Certainly worth checking out. Update – So this documentary made me really sad about the state of “modern” Christianity.   A must see.

Pretty cool stuff. Definitely Video of the Day

So here a nice, mellow song of the day – Sec Walkin’ by My Morning Jacket  from the Evil Urges Album.  

Click HERE for the entire list.  I think the one for THE FLY is my favorite. This one was for KING KONG in France:

PLAYBOY – THE HUGH HEFNER STORY is a great coffee table book chronicling the evolution of the bush among other evolving tastes in sexuality (again, pun very much intended). An excerpt from a N+1 Book Review: “The first thing that strike the casual reader is the anatomical variety among bunnies. Nipples, for one thing. Some […]