It’s that time to rev those 2012 presidential campaign engines.  Here’s the first one I really like from Obama’s camp:

Obama is someone I can truly trust to make right decision and to lead this country.  He has the smarts, the integrity, and the will to lead us into the right direction.  This election will be a close one in my opinion – and I believe that our president will prevail.

All politicians are slimy to some extent – but some clearly have the slime advantage to others?

The two that immediately come to mind are Herman Cain and John Edwards.  Herman Cainn on the one hand is ridden with sexual harassment scandals and clownish rhetoric. John Edwards on the other is an all encompassing slime ball – having a second family and using the democratic funds to cover it up.  Both  stink, but there can only be one victor.

What say you?


I didn’t love JUNKY all that much, but hey – it’s still an interesting story and a part of the American experience.  And below is a link to some of the more interesting Burroughs’ covers.  Some foreign ones in there too.

And came to a conclusion that you don’t fail by making mistakes.

You fail by making the same mistakes over and over again while expecting a different outcome.

Somebody’s told me this before, but it feels a whole lot better to feel this and realize it on my own. At a cost, of course.

And make love to me right by the fire.

Like now.

But seriously, this newly renovated hotel looks awesome.

And here’s a link to more:

OK, so this stupid lil’ meme makes me happy.  Here’s more : Enjoy!